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Tobias Trumpp, a multi-talented photographer based in Berlin, Germany, is known for his stunning work in architectural, wedding and fine art photography. His passion for photography spans various genres, with fine art photography being a focal point of his creative work.

For Tobias, the whole process of fine art photography is very important. For him, photography itself is a decelerating act that is not limited to pressing the shutter, but often involves long walks and collecting new impressions. But the editing of the images also plays a central role, as it allows him to pursue his vision and realise his artistic ideas.

Through his photographs, Tobias aims to encourage people to become more aware of their surroundings. His images are far more than documentary images of urban landscapes and buildings; they encourage people to take a closer look at the beauty and uniqueness of architecture and other subjects. Tobias always manages to transport the viewer into a world of aesthetics and inspiration, encouraging them to look at their surroundings in a new way.

[ Text 10Photos, based on information provided by Tobias Trumpp ]

10Photos says: Tobias' images are inspiring because they perfectly capture the essence of fine art photography. With his unique perspective and creative eye, he is able to show everyday things, such as buildings, in a new light, transforming them into something special. In his work, Tobias impressively demonstrates how light and shadow blend harmoniously to create an atmosphere of softness and gentleness. He demonstrates ingenuity and creativity both before and after the shutter is released. This is fine art architectural photography at its finest.

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