Robin Riddle

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Robin Riddle is a professional photographer who specializes in landscape and architectural photography from both ground and aerial perspectives. His photography focuses on the simplicity and beauty of nature, often with an air of mystery. He is drawn to the peace and tranquility of sunrise and sunset when the light is soft and atmospheric.

Robin's first experience with aerial photography was at Shark Bay in Western Australia in 2013. Taking pictures from the air requires a bit of planning. Where, when, and how high are the usual questions that can be answered with a Google Earth search. Robin looks primarily for remote places, especially on the coast where rivers and creeks flow into the ocean and where the tides leave an amazing natural artwork in the tidal flats. His images, often minimalist in appearance, show the colors and textures of the earth with their abstract shapes in a striking way and often seem like works of art full of beauty.

Robin desires to share his joy and enthusiasm for nature with as many people as possible so they can better understand the need to appreciate and protect the earth.

[The text is based on the biography of Robin Riddle]

10Photo says: The images of Robin Riddle are partly minimalist and abstract at the same time and show the beauty of the earth in an impressive way. We are more than fascinating!

More pictures and info about this extraordinary photographer are available on his website www.robinriddlephotography.com and Instagram @theloveofplanetearth.