Adam Schnabler

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Biologist Adam Schnabler is a passionate nature and astrophotographer from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, whose work blurs the boundaries between earth and sky. Since 2019, he has expanded his already spectacular landscape photography into the fascinating field of astrophotography, creating images of breathtaking beauty that transport the viewer into an exciting and fascinating world at night.

Adam particularly enjoys astrophotography in the northern Black Forest, where he takes advantage of the darkness of the night to brilliantly capture the starry sky without disturbing light. His diverse images show a variety of galactic celestial bodies, from the nearby Moon, to distant stars and nebulae, to the Milky Way itself.

Adam likes to incorporate artificial light sources such as lanterns or fires into his landscape photographs. These warm lights provide a fascinating contrast to the cold night sky and add a unique atmosphere to his photographs. Through skillful composition, nature and people complement each other in a harmonious way, creating captivating and atmospheric, yet authentic images.

Adam's work is not only visually appealing, but also tells stories about the connection between man and nature, and about the wonders and magic of the universe. His images not only adorn the print and web media of the Black Forest National Park, but also inspire people far from home, allowing them to rediscover the beauty and fascination of our world by day and by night.

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10Photos says: Few photographers are as masterful as Adam Schnabler in harmoniously combining the beauty of nature with the influence of man or man himself, especially in his impressive astrophotography. For Adam, nature and man are not in competition with each other, but complement each other in a wonderful way, giving his images a unique depth. The creative variety and unique lighting moods in his photographs captivate the viewer and transport them into a world of magic and beauty. We are more than impressed by the impact of his images: This is nature photography at its best!

More pictures, also from other areas of photography, on Instagram @adam_schnabelsson.