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Kathrin Schlott, a freelance media designer from Munich, is a passionate travel and landscape photographer who spends her free time traveling the world with her camera and hiking boots to capture the most beautiful moments. In nature and while hiking, which has become her hobby, the likeable photographer forgets time and space and lets herself be guided by her instinct for the extraordinary.

What drives Kathrin is her love for life's small and big moments. She literally soaks them up, enjoys their wholeness and captures them creatively to share them with others. She rarely creates pure representations of reality, but rather emotional realizations of moods and atmospheres in her images.

Kathrin's photographic style is characterized by her mastery of light and composition. She knows how to present landscapes in the best light and always adds a creative touch. Playing with sharpness and blur, long exposures and unusual angles, she creates fascinating snapshots of our world that captivate the viewer.

Her photographs are a declaration of love to the diversity of nature, sometimes with a love of detail and full of small wonders, sometimes as an impressive total work of art. Kathrin is not only fascinated by untouched nature, but also by the interplay between man and landscape.

Kathrin's images impressively show how culture and nature can merge into a perfect unity. Whether a lonely lighthouse by the sea, an idyllic church at dusk, or vibrant cityscapes in the warm light of night, Kathrin sees man and nature not as opposites, but as components of a harmonious whole.

Kathrin's sensitive photographs convey not only the beauty of our world, but also the precious connection between man and his home that must be preserved. Her images invite us to pause, dream and discover the wonders of nature in all its diversity.

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10Photos says: Kathrin Schlott's photographs inspire with their versatility and because they are more than just representations of reality - they convey emotions and moods. The creative use of light and composition allows landscapes to appear from a completely new perspective, creating fascinating visual worlds. But it is not only the aesthetic representation of nature that impresses, but also Kathrin's ability to capture the harmonious interplay between people and landscape. Kathrin impressively demonstrates that travel photography is more than just documenting impressions and events. She makes us rediscover familiar places and experience unknown regions. Absolutely fascinating!

For more photos and information about Kathrin Schlott, please visit her website at www.kathrinsworld.com Instagram @kathrinsworld and Facebook.