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    Bill Ferngren

    Bill Ferngren

    Bill is a Swedish landscape and nature photographer. He says he likes challenges and loves to photograph things that you usually pass by unnoticed. Trees in fog, the small stream in the forest, meadows that can inspire new motifs or just a plant on a tree. Maybe not always such spectacular subjects, but Bill takes a spectacular photo of them. He sees details, finds the perfect perspective and captures the mood at the right moment.

  • Landscape photography,  (F)antastic photos,  Architectural photography

    Gio Fleming

    Giovanna Fleming

    Giovanna "Gio" Fleming is an architectural and landscape photographer originally from the Italian Alps. She now resides in the French Alps, drawn by her deep love for the mountains. Since childhood, Gio has had an eye for the beautiful and worth seeing. Whether it is interiors, buildings or the fascinating nature, Gio looks at everything with an artistic eye.

  • Animal and Wildlife photography,  (F)antastic photos

    Matthias Futterer

    Matthias Futterer

    Wildlife photography around the Kaiserstuhl, a species-rich small low mountain range in Baden-Württemberg. Matthias Futterer is an amateur photographer from Forchheim in Württemberg. He is passionate about native insects and birds. On 10Photos he has focused on the latter.