Perdita Petzl

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Perdita Petzl has loved nature since childhood. After marveling at photos in coffee table books for many years, her interest in taking pictures herself came rather late. In 2009, she got her first DSLR camera: The first photographic failures occurred promptly, of course, but her passion for photography was awakened! As a purely self-taught photographer, Perdita has acquired her photographic knowledge through persistent practice, trial and error and reading.

Over the years, Perdita has developed her own style - her photos are sensitive and emotional, often characterized by delicate colors, light and an extraordinary bokeh. But also abstract and reduced photographic works can be found in her portfolio. Sometimes colorful, sometimes monochrome, sometimes fabulously playful, her photos are usually not purely documentary. Rather, Perdita wants to give intimate insights into the magical world of insects and animals, tell little stories and awaken emotions in the viewer.

Since 2018, Perdita Petzl has been regularly leading photo workshops. She also shares her enthusiasm for photography and nature in lectures, writes articles for photo magazines, and acts as a juror for international photo competitions.

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10Photos says: At the end of the 19th century, photography gained recognition as a visual and creative means of expression. The new medium was taken up by photographers and made available to the general public in journals and magazines. So much for the historical review. Photography as an art form was long debated and not fully recognized until the 20th century. Looking at the pictures of Perdita Petzl, it becomes immediately clear: photography is art! Photography should be more than the mere, sober representation of a motif. Thank you Perdita, you show us how wonderfully expressive and creative photography can be.

See more of Perdita's artwork on Instagram @perdita_petzl, Facebook NaturfotografiePetzl and on her website www.perditapetzl.at.