Mirko Paric

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Mirko Paric is a passionate amateur photographer specialising in nature and macro photography. He is particularly fond of insects and his favourite subject is dragonflies, which he prefers to photograph early in the morning when they are covered in dew. The morning atmosphere and the soft light combined with the dewdrops give a special charm to his photographs.

His journey into photography began 15 years ago, inspired by a work colleague. Born in the mid-60s, Mirko found photography a way to express his deep connection with nature. What began with insect photography developed into an all-encompassing passion for the world around him.

Mirko's images are not only technically superb, but also rich in detail and authenticity. He captures the world as it is. He eschews heavy retouching in favour of genuine, unadulterated images. In this way, his photographs offer the viewer the opportunity to experience the exciting world of insects as it is, and still discover the fascinating subtleties of dragonflies and other small creatures.

As well as nature photography, this versatile photographer is also a keen sports photographer. He regularly documents the activities of his local club, TSV Brannenburg.

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10Photos says: Mirko Paric manages to capture the essence of nature with his camera, documenting its many facets. His images invite us to look at the world of small creatures from a new perspective and to appreciate their wonders. Mirko's photographs show that true beauty lies in simplicity and authenticity. We are impressed by his detailed photographs and his natural representation of insects.

Find more pictures of Mirko on Instagram @libellenparadies_.