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Who is behind Craft Werk 4? On an old farm in Marienfeld near Bielefeld, Germany, Rüdiger Spieler works on motorcycles and photographic art.

Rüdiger is an ambitious amateur photographer. Since his childhood, he has been taking pictures in analog and black and white. In 2016, after a long break, he rediscovered photography. The trigger was his own daughter's entry into the modeling business, which in turn led him to people and fashion photography. In his portfolio you can find portrait, fashion, boudoir and nude photography.

He is passionate about working in a small circle with two models on long-term projects with the goal of turning them into books. He likes to work with his models over and over again, as this fosters joint development and creates a level of trust that allows for even more intense images.

Excerpts from his projects were shown as large format fine art prints at the Photo Pop Up Fair 08 in Düsseldorf. Rüdiger was featured as an artist in SWAN Magazine Issue 06 and now publishes his own fine art magazine under the name Craft Werk 4. He actively creates his artwork with light and shadow in his studio of the same name, the old farmhouse mentioned above, and focuses strongly on his preference for black and white photography.

Rüdiger is not a fan of social media for image presentation, which leads him back to the printed image again and again. Especially the genres nude and boudoir he shows understandably almost exclusively in printed form.

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10Photos says: There are many things that fascinate us about Ruediger and his photography that we could write novels about. However, we will try to be brief. What impresses us the most is the sensuality and sometimes sizzling eroticism that his pictures show, without much naked skin. It is the incredibly soulful photos that are both beautiful to look at and authentic, and that more than inspire us. Dear Rüdiger, we thank you very much for allowing us to show your work here, also because we know that you (rightly) prefer the printed photo.

More photos of Rüdiger Spieler on his Instagram account @craft_werk_4_bnw and @rudygambler. A little more than on Instagram can be found on his homepage, including a shop for his fine art magazines at www.craft-werk-4.de and www.craft-werk-4.de/shop.

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You can also get more in-depth information and impressions by listening to the podcast Auditive Moments (in German) on Spotify.


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