Daniele Tomasulo

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Daniele Tomasulo is a passionate people photographer from Weiterstadt near Darmstadt, Germany. His work is characterised by a remarkable sensuality that sets him apart from other photographers.

Interestingly, although Daniele focuses on the sensual depiction of people in his work, he largely avoids the use of pure nude photography. Even partial nudes are rare in his portfolio. Instead, he favours the principle of 'less is more', which is clearly reflected in the natural yet expressive aesthetic of his portraits.

The versatility of his photography is also evident in the fact that he works in both colour and black and white, depending on the situation (although he has limited himself to black and white for 10Photos). This creative choice underlines Daniele's ability to capture and convey moods and emotions in different ways.

He is not only active behind the camera, but also in front of it. His experience as a model flows seamlessly into Daniele's work as a photographer and shapes his approach to the shoot. Instead of giving strict instructions, he gives his models subtle hints based on his own experience. This creates a relaxed atmosphere in front of the camera, allowing the models' naturalness and spontaneity to shine through.

The result is photographs that exude a powerful emotion and authenticity. Each image tells a story and captures the moment in a unique way. Daniele's photographs are not only visual works of art, but also an expression of his own creativity and passion for photographing people.

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10Photos says: Showing sensuality without showing too much skin is the fine art of people photography. Daniele leaves a lasting impression with his images and proves that less is often more when it comes to capturing the essence of the moment and inspiring the viewer. Overall, Daniele's photographs are characterised by spontaneity and creative innovation, making them not only aesthetically pleasing but also full of emotion.

More information and photos of Daniele Tomasulo on Instagram @rebelgraphy_ as well as on Facebook @Rebelgraphy and @daniele.tomasulo.