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Joachim Dallinger, born in Mannheim in 1967 and living in the community of Heddesheim between Mannheim and Heidelberg, is much more than just an accomplished photographer. His day job is as the successful head of product management and marketing for a well-known refrigeration company. In addition to this challenging job, Joachim's creative streak also unfolds in music, where he is a passionate musician and choir director.

Joachim has always been fascinated by photography, but for a long time his interest was limited to holiday and family photos with a simple camera and smartphone. The purchase of a system camera in 2017 gave him new motivation and he began to focus more intensively on photography. Starting with landscape photography, Joachim steadily expanded his repertoire, also motivated by the recognition of his work by renowned photographers such as Stephan Wiesner and Ulla Lohmann.

The turning point in his photographic career came in 2020, when he happened to attend a MeetUp at the Loft in Rodgau and learned about people photography. This event shaped Joachim and his passion for photographing people began. Through numerous shoots and a lively dialogue with other photographers, Joachim has become an experienced portrait photographer. However, he is constantly striving to improve and is guided by his love of experimentation and drive for creativity.

For Joachim, photography is about more than capturing moments. It is a way of portraying emotions and giving people a new perspective on themselves. His images are an expression of his ability to authentically capture people and scenes. Although he stops time when he presses the shutter, he seeks change and innovation, and the desire for something new and lasting is reflected in his work.

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10Photos says: "Joachim Dallinger's beautiful images are characterised by their versatility, creativity and emotional depth. Joachim's work is not only characterised by technical precision and high quality, but also by the atmospheric portrayal of his subjects. He consistently captures unique moments and emotions, while his quest for novelty and innovation ensures that his photographs are never boring. This is portrait photography as it should be, incredibly varied and exciting!

More photos and information from Joachim Dallinger on his website jd-photo.art and the two Instagram accounts @joachim_d_people and @joachim_d_outdoor.