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Alexandra Czarnetzki, a passionate photographer from Leverkusen, has her roots in Cologne. Her path to the world of photography took a roundabout route. She was originally into creative design, but had to give up this passion for bureaucratic reasons. So she turned to people photography and quickly built up an impressive CV in the field.

She was introduced to photography by her brother, who is a landscape photographer. Originally, Alexandra wanted to photograph nature as a balance to her stressful job in sales. However, when she started taking portraits of her husband and friends, she quickly discovered her passion for working artistically with people. The positive feedback from those around her encouraged her to delve deeper into this form of photography.

She has been pursuing this passion since 2021. Despite initial difficulties, Alexandra remains motivated and continues to develop her knowledge and skills on a self-taught basis. Her approach is varied: sometimes she stages the subjects, sometimes she captures them - as if by chance - in natural movements, always depending on the person and the respective idea or mood. This versatility, coupled with her enormous creativity and love of experimentation, is what makes the results so exciting.

Alexandra's portraits are artistic works. She likes to work with sharpness and blur, with strong contrasts and soft greys, with movement and also with multiple exposures. They are not classic portraits, but photographs in which there is much to discover. They are pictures with a dynamism that conveys or intensifies emotions.

Alexandra loves everything about her hobby and is undeterred by setbacks. Despite occasional schedule changes and other inconveniences, this calm and personable photographer remains relaxed and focused on what is important. Her ability to photograph people authentically and expressively reflects her talent and passion.

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10Photos says: Alexandra Czarnetzki's path to photography shows that detours often lead to the most beautiful destinations. Her work is characterised by great passion and a relentless pursuit of creativity and new ideas. We are inspired by her unusual portraits. These are images that polarise, not mainstream, not sterile works showing perfect models. Instead, we see emotions and people with charm. This artistic type of photography has a firm place in the field of portraiture, which we love and which Alexandra does perfectly.

You can find more pictures of Alexandra Czarnetzki on her two Instagram accounts @alexa.czar.portrait and @alexa.czar.portrait.farbe.



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