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LICHTundNICHT* - the art of reduction in photography. A photograph is created by light falling on the sensor or film. But if there were only light, the image would only be bright. It is the harmonious interplay of light and shadow that creates an image. LICHTundNICHT, in other words. (*LICHTundNICHT is a pun that rhymes in German, meaning approximately LIGHTandNOT)

Thomas Kratzin, an imaginative photographer from Freiburg im Breisgau, is known as LICHTundNICHT.

In the beginning, Thomas found his inspiration in photographing still objects. But over time his interest in living subjects grew. Today he devotes himself almost exclusively to people photography. He prefers portraits that fascinate by their reduction to the essential. In black and white, because this classic aesthetic allows the personality of each individual to be captured in a special way.

An atmosphere of trust is an essential part of Thomas' work. It is only in a relaxed environment, where the model feels comfortable and free, that the pictures that make LICHTundNICHT so unique come into being. And it takes time to capture the right light, set the shadows and create a mood that captures the essence of the subject.

Thomas' work is characterised by a search for the perfect moment that reveals the essence of a person in all its depth. He takes unconventional paths to find the special play of light and shadow that makes each image unique.

[Text 10Photos based on the LICHTundNICHT website ]

10Photos says: LICHTundNICHT's images are created with passion, patience and love for the art of photography. Through a deliberate reduction to the essential, the play of light and shadow, portraits are created that tell stories and evoke emotions. It is the perfect symbiosis of LICHTundNICHT that distinguishes his work and gives rise to these creative images.

More information and photos about LICHTundNICHT can be found on the website www.lichtundnicht.com and on the platforms: Instagram, STRKNG, 500px and in the fotocommunity.


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