Sebastian Morweiser

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Sebastian Morweiser, born in 1985, is a creative macro-photographer from Bergstraße, Germany. He discovered his passion for macro photography while breeding tarantulas for many years, and since 2010 has dedicated himself to photographing insects of all kinds. He specializes in butterflies and caterpillars.

Sebastian is usually out before sunrise to take advantage of the soft morning light and regularly visits local nature reserves. After several successful breeding projects, he now concentrates exclusively on the butterfly species native to Germany. His photographs are not only fascinating documents of nature, but also very appealing in terms of design. He skillfully uses sharpness and blur, and places great emphasis on harmonious color compositions and aesthetic image design.

In addition to his photography, Sebastian also volunteers in the field of education. He teaches entomology at an elementary school and leads macro tours in the summer to introduce participants to the beauty and diversity of native insects. He firmly believes that conservation begins where people discover and learn to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Sebastian is also a freelance documentary filmmaker. He enjoys traveling to the rainforests of Latin America to film the flora and fauna there. His documentary "Costa Rica, 24 hours in the rainforest" can be seen on YouTube.

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10Photos says: Sebastian Morweiser's images impress us because they capture the hidden beauty and diversity of butterflies with impressive attention to detail and artistic brilliance. His masterful use of early morning light gives his photographs a special atmosphere and depth. Harmonious color composition and the judicious use of sharpness and blur make each of his images a visual experience. In addition, his photographs show a deep connection with nature that inspires the viewer and makes them aware of the need to protect native insects. His work is fascinating in every way.

Find more pictures of Sebastian on Instagram @sebastian_morweiser.