Sebastian Morweiser

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Sebastian Morweiser was born in 1985 and is a macro photographer from the Bergstraße district (Hesse/Germany). Through his many years of breeding tarantulas, he discovered a passion for macro photography and has been photographing insects of all kinds for 8 years. His focus is on butterflies and caterpillars, as you can easily see from his wonderful and varied gallery here.

He breeds tropical butterflies and moths as a hobby. In terms of photography, he is almost exclusively out and about before sunrise and enjoys visiting local nature reserves. He also teaches entomology at primary schools on a voluntary basis and gives guided insect tours in summer. Bringing people closer to the beauty and biodiversity of native insects is very important to him. A very commendable approach, because nature conservation begins where people discover the beauty of our nature.

Sebastian is also an independent documentary filmmaker who enjoys travelling to the rainforests of Latin America to film the flora and fauna there. His documentary „Costa Rica, 24 hours in the rainforest“ can be found on YouTube.

More pictures by Sebastian Morweiser are available at Instagram.

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