Fabian Grell

Fabian Grell is a renowned people and portrait photographer and photo coach from Bielefeld, Germany. His work has been published in numerous print media, including the magazines 'Max' and 'Marika'. He also offers courses in photography and image editing. His coaching sessions are aimed at both beginners and advanced photographers. In his webshop you can find many useful resources on beauty retouching, colour grading and image editing. Fabian is also a brand ambassador for Panasonic Lumix.

The time it takes Fabian to take a picture is not the most important thing to him. What counts for him is the finished image. That's why his shoots are relaxed and without time pressure, because he doesn't look at the clock. It's like playing in a sandbox: uncomplicated and creative. His photographs move between aesthetics and emotion, perfection and provocation. He even takes as much time as necessary to achieve the best possible result.

Fabian tries to capture the individual personality of his subjects. Good portraits of women do not need models with perfect figures and perfect measurements, but they must never be without feeling and authenticity. Good portraits of men can also do without prominent muscles and beards, but never without soul.

"There are no models, there are only people," is a quote that says a lot about this likeable photographer.

[ Text 10Photos, based on information from Fabian Grell and his website ]

10Photos says: Fabian's images polarise in a fascinating way. Colours, shapes and textures compete with each other, and yet they merge into a harmonious whole. His images are extraordinary, unique! A creative inferno of photography and art. We are more than excited.

You can find more pictures and information about Fabian on his website www.fabiangrell-fotografie.de and on the following channels Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, X (Twitter) and YouTube. In the podcast "Kontrastraum", which he runs with Martin Hirsch , he talks about light and shadow in people photography.



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