Peter Grüner

Born in Mannheim in the early 1970s, Peter Grüner now lives and works in Ludwigshafen. His passion for photography has become an important part of his life and takes up much of his free time. It provides balance and inspiration for his job as a consultant in a pharmaceutical company.

In the summer of 2004, Peter immersed himself in the digital world of SLR photography and rediscovered his love of photography. Since then he has been constantly striving to improve and develop his skills in this fascinating craft.

On his travels, nature and landscape photography became his constant companions, alongside his wife, who inspired him on his voyages of discovery around the world. The shift in his photographic focus has meant that the majority of his images are now erotic in nature. This is where he feels most at home, especially in nude photography, where he specialises in nocturnal productions.

The backdrop for Peter's photographs is often an urban landscape, in which he makes skilful use of the limited light available. The results are high-contrast, extraordinary images in which the soft shapes and curves of the human body compete with the hard, straight lines of the urban environment. Light and shadow, softness and hardness merge into a fascinating unity in his work. Peter Grüner is a master of contrast.

In his own words, Peter describes his photographs as a mirror of his soul. Looking through the viewfinder of a camera opens up a way for him to express his deepest feelings that have long been hidden from him or that he has deliberately concealed. Each image tells a story and reveals new facets and secrets of his own personality.

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10Photos says: Peter Grüner is not just a photographer, but an artist who captures people in all their fascination through his lens in a unique way. His own style of contrasts and juxtapositions sets his images apart from other people and nude photographers and makes his work unmistakable. Quality is evident in each of his images and we are more than impressed by Peter's creativity.

More pictures and information from Peter Grüner can be found on his website gruener-fotodesign.de and the extensive Blog as well as on Instagram @petergruener.


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