Ben Günther

Portrait photographer Ben Günther was born in Eschau, Bavaria, in the mid-1990s. He discovered his passion for photography in a very special way when his best friend gave him a camera. This opened the door to a world of possibilities and creativity. His initial experimentation with the new device quickly developed into a deep enthusiasm for creating images and capturing life's precious moments.

Although Ben has been working as a corporate relationship manager at a bank since 2010, people photography has become an integral part of his life and even became his side hustle in 2018. The passion continues to this day and provides a welcome and creative balance to his work at the bank. Ben focuses on different areas of people photography such as nude and semi-nude, storytelling, portraits and weddings. Each gives him the opportunity to develop his artistic vision and tell unique stories.

The atmosphere at Ben's photo shoots is one of lightness and humor. His infectious laughter is not only an expression of his own joy and enthusiasm, but also creates a relaxed atmosphere that allows the people in front of his lens to express themselves freely and show genuine emotion. Tense shoots are a foreign concept to Ben, resulting in images that capture the true essence of his models and capture moments authentically.

Ben's photographs are characterized by his love of light and shadow. He is a true "light fanatic" and "shadow artist" who masters the "competing" elements and plays masterfully with contrasts. Through careful composition and a sense of the right moment, he is able to bring his images to life and transport the viewer into a world of atmosphere and mood. For Ben, photography is not just a sideline, but an opportunity to share his passion and photographic vision with others.

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10Photos says: Ben Günther impresses with his creative perspective and his authentic approach to photography. His sensitive images often have a sensual character without showing too much skin. Respect and appreciation are reflected in the photographs and the mood is characterized by a deep emotionality. Feelings instead of crude nudity, fantasy instead of perfect facts. We see his pictures, we look inside and not just superficially. We discover stories and see people in all their facets. This is photographic art of the highest level.

You can find more pictures and information from Ben Günther on his website www.sirbenzelot.com and Instagram channels @sirbenzelot.weddings and @sirbenzelot.



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