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We are Tom & Ute, a couple since 1988, and discovered photography for ourselves in 2014. We use every free minute, not only to photograph but also to develop ourselves constantly. On our way, we met and become fond of many great people. For 5 years now, our focus has been on portrait photography. Even though we enjoy travel, and sports photography very much, we love to work with people. This kind of photography has another meaning for us. We call it a successful shoot when we have managed to capture the personality of the person in the picture and the person, the model like the shots.

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10Photos says: Anyone can photograph people. Most photographers also manage to produce good-looking pictures. Ute and Tom, however, manage to describe the human being with a photo. The human being remains a human being and is not immortalized as a lifeless image. The fact that this results in very appealing and also partly sensual photos is more than impressive.

More from Ute and Tom and on the website www.tom-ute-fotografie.com and Instagram.

Models in this gallery

(@marabella_model) Mara
(@kimbannika) Kim
(@abrakathabra) Katharina
(@moniquemizuki) Monique
(@toxic_belle) Nathalie

Models in this gallery

Leni (@emilenia)
Jara (@jaraalinchen)
Jasmin (@jasmin_miumiu)
Sarah (@sza.maria)
Nika (@model_nika_3012)
Mara (@marabella_model)
Kim (@kimbannika)
Katharina (@abrakathabra)
Monique (@moniquemizuki)
Nathalie (@toxic_belle)