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Jacqueline "Jacky" Brumma is a people photographer from Borna near Leipzig, Germany. In addition to classic portraits, her focus is on creative people and aesthetic nude photography. Although she was already artistically active in her youth - she enjoyed drawing and pottery - she came to photography late in life. Her passion for portraiture was awakened when she started photographing her cats and the desire for professional equipment arose. Her creative journey, which is far from over, began with the purchase of an SLR camera.

When you talk to this likeable photographer about her passion, her eyes light up and her voice becomes very emotional. Photography is more than just a hobby or pastime for Jacky - it is a deep passion that she pursues with great dedication. She loves to share her unique view of the world through her work and to show the individuality of each person. Every time Jacky presses the shutter, she wants to tell stories. Stories that commemorate that special moment, but also inspire the imagination.

Jacky prefers not to use colour in her photographs so that she can focus on the essentials and avoid distractions by enhancing contrasts. This reduction helps her to express unadulterated emotions or capture special moments powerfully. Her colour photographs are often softer and work through harmonious colour compositions. They convey moods such as inner calm, peace, longing or serenity.

Her portfolio is diverse and includes both classic portraits and creative images. Art and photography make a wonderful combination in Jacky's work. Many of her images have a touch of humour, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden and only revealed on closer inspection. Jacky's nude photography is not about showing as much naked skin as possible, but about sensitive moods, aesthetics and often a touch of subtle humour.

Her work is a tribute to the uniqueness of each person and the beauty of moments that are often lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Through her artistic vision and unwavering passion for photography, Jacky brings a very special charm to the world of people photography and leaves an unforgettable impression on the viewer.

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10Photos says: Jacqueline Brumma's artistic work stands out from other portraits. They have their own style, which can be exciting, sensual or humorous. Or all of the above. This combination is unique and we are amazed when we look at her incredible images. Jacky impressively shows that photography is more than just capturing light, because she demonstrates emotional depth with her work, sometimes authentically, sometimes entertainingly abstractly, showing that the image statement is the most important part of photography - without compromising quality and aesthetics. This is photographic art of the highest order. We are more than thrilled!

More photos and information from Jacqueline Brumma on her website jackyfotos.com and Instagram @jackyfotos.de as well as on Facebook and in the Fotocommunity.


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