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Sybille Lünemann, a versatile and creative portrait and boudoir photographer from Velen, a small town on the outskirts of Münsterland, is a self-taught photographer and image editor. In her home, a charming Art Nouveau villa, she creates unique works of art from light and shadow in an impressive atmosphere. Sybille's work has been published in renowned magazines such as SWAN, Exxpodsed, HAZL and Peng. In 2021, she won first place in the Sony Photo Community photo competition.

Sybille's passion for photographing people arose during her many years of work in a psychological practice. As a psychological assistant, she accompanied people of all ages in individual and group therapy. She noticed how many women struggled with issues such as body acceptance and eating disorders. This inspired her to turn to portrait and boudoir photography.

The decision to focus on sensual photography proved groundbreaking when Sybille realized the positive impact her work could have on her clients' self-confidence and self-love. She particularly remembers a moving WhatsApp message from a client who had gained a new, better outlook on life as a result of the photos. The path to Sybille's photographic future was now clear, and she continues to pursue it with great enthusiasm and passion.

Today she sees portrait and especially boudoir photography as an opportunity to convey courage, sensuality and self-confidence to women and thus strengthen their personality. Not only the end result is important to her, but also the way to get there. It is very important to Sybille that people feel comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy the shooting as a special experience. She is convinced that this is the only way to create intense, emotional and authentic images.

Sybille enjoys working with experienced models in both classic and boudoir photography. This gives her the freedom to creatively realize new projects and ideas. Sybille's artistic journey is not over yet and thanks to her willingness to experiment and her desire to constantly improve, it will be interesting to see where it leads.

The next goal is an illustrated book about redheads. "This is something very special for me, because my daughter and I belong to this rare species," says Sybille with a twinkle in her eye.

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10Fotos says: We are keeping our fingers crossed for the likeable and sensitive photographer Sybille Lünemann for her upcoming project and believe that it will be successful and fantastic. Luckily, redheads are not that rare. What is rare, however, are Sybille's extraordinary photographs. Her work is a unique combination of art and photography, aesthetic, emotional and sensual at the same time. We look at her multifaceted images and see the people in them. People in the midst of life - authentic and with their wonderful personalities - and not emotionlessly staged in a studio. We are inspired by the moods conveyed, which touch us deeply and even carry us away emotionally. We see and feel at the same time! This is portrait photography at its best.

More pictures and information about Sybille Lünemann are available on her website www.sluenemann.de, Instagram @sybilleluenemann and Facebook.



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