Gender-sensitive language

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10Photos gendered! Why, when the vast majority from Germany is against gendering and the English-speaking part of the world finds this spelling rather amusing and crazy? So why?

First of all, I (Jörn Wallenwein, the author of this article) don’t really like gendering either. Formulating texts in a gender-appropriate way is sometimes cruel. So why? On the one hand, it has something to do with respect. Respect for other people, for people who think differently. A respect that is unfortunately becoming rarer and rarer all over the world. We all know, only “my” opinion is right, the other one is wrong. There is rarely a golden mean anymore. Black or white, yes or no and nothing else. That’s how it is today and you can feel it every day anew.

Yes, perhaps the language, the written word is “mistreated” - at least that’s what many experts say. But honestly, anyone who has ever been through a spelling reform laughs at the little gender asterisk or, as here, the colon. I still cry about the killed German word “daß”.

I don’t want to go into the pros and cons - this is a photo platform and not a political website. The deciding factor for gendering here was ultimately the sometimes sheer hatred of many gender opponents (no, not all, but some) and the 0.0 tolerance of the extremists and the narcissism of the troublemakers. Just one example, there is written in forums or in Instagram channels “soon the word »dad« will be banned” and there are hymns of praise for the writer and in what a terrible rule of law we have to live. Untruths are deliberately spread and insults are cheered. The justification for this is the good old German language, which is often poorly mastered by many of the authors.

Unfortunately, it often doesn't just stop at "gender hate". Insults and abuse of people who think differently and sexual discrimination are almost the norm in relevant forums and social media channels. There is very little - if any - respect for minorities there.

So acts only a small - but unfortunately an increasingly loud - part of the population, but nevertheless or just because of this 10Photos takes a stand here and shows RESPECT for all people through gendering, no matter what sexual orientation they have, no matter what skin color they have, no matter what faith they have, no matter what opinion they have on gender language.

Thanks for reading and hopefully for your understanding if one or the other text has one or the other colon (too much).