On this page, you will find all the important information about the images and text needed to participate on 10Photos.

The simple method for time-stressed photographers

Just send us 10 photos. These should only be at least 1000 pixels high. We will take care of the rest. Send us a "wide" cover picture if you like. We will do the rest. That's it.

For participants who have a little more time and perhaps want to write something themselves, the following "instructions" is intended. Here you will also find some additional information.

Photo dimensions

The height of the 10 photos should be 1000 pixels, both for PORTRAIT FORMAT and LANDSCAPE FORMAT. The width should not exceed 1800 pixels. For example: landscape format: 1500 x 1000 pixels, portrait format: 750 x 1000 pixels, square format: 1000 x 1000 pixels ...


The photo should NOT have a frame. A fancy frame doesn't really interfere, but we want the page to be consistent and publish the photos without additional style elements like shadows, mounts or frames.

Image title

An image title is optional. It is displayed above the picture when viewing the photo.

Cover image

For an (additional) cover image, a photo with a resolution of 1920 x 738 pixels is required. It should be noted here that the edges of the image may be truncated somewhat. This depends on the output device of the viewer. A cell phone shows the cover image differently than a widescreen monitor, and a tablet differently than a monitor. Therefore, there should not be any important image elements or the logo in the border area. Therefore, most photographers do not use a logo in the cover image. For the 10 photos, a logo in the margin is not problematic, because these images are shown complete and uncropped.

Photographer description

The text can be freely designed by the participating photographer. Some photographers write something about themselves. If you don't want to do this or you don't have the time, 10Photos will write a few lines about you and your photography. But for this we need some information. Maybe there is already a biography or something similar on your website. However, a few keywords are enough for us to write an editorial text.

The links to an existing website or social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) will also be published on your gallery page, of course.

Note for people and portrait photographers: You are welcome to name the models and also link them on e.g. Instagram.

Nude photography

One more word on the subject of nudes and partial nudes. 10Photos does not publish complete nudes. Partial nude is possible, but the breasts and genitals should be covered. We decide for each photo individually. The aesthetics and artistic value are taken into account.


You want to change one or more pictures, change the text about you or add something. This is no problem, a photo page lives from updates. Just write us, we will take care of your wishes as soon as possible.


Email for sending the images:

You can email us the 10 photos, the cover photo, and the text about you. If there are still questions or uncertainties, then just contact us.

Thank you for your interest and participation on 10Photos.

More questions?

No problem, just write me or call ...

Telefon/Whatsapp: +49 (0) 177 6996943
Instagram: @joernwallenwein