Die Kategorie Sonstiges beinhaltet aktuell folgende fotografische Themen: Abstrakt, Astronomie, Lost Places, Luftaufnahmen, Street, Wetter

  • Misc.,  Architectural photography

    Robert Christ

    The Upper Palatinate photographer Robert Christ shows us on 10Fotos images in the field of reduced and experimental photography. For image composition, Robert likes to use long exposures and unusual angles. His work has already received several awards.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Bill Ferngren

    Bill is a Swedish landscape and nature photographer. He says he likes challenges and loves to photograph things that you usually pass by unnoticed. Trees in fog, the small stream in the forest, meadows that can inspire new motifs or just a plant on a tree. Maybe not always such spectacular subjects, but Bill takes a spectacular photo of them. He sees details, finds the perfect perspective and captures the mood at the right moment.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Jeremy Jackson

    Prof. Dr. Jeremy Jackson has been photographing our nature in an impressive way for over 30 years. Colors and shapes are an important design element. His goal is to convey the meaning of the natural world in focused, clean, exciting and direct images. One thing in advance: this succeeds 100%.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Andri Geir Jónasson

    Andri was born and raised in Iceland. As he himself writes, this growing up in the midst of nature, near the mountains and next to unique landscapes has been formative for his kind of photography. Andri's photographs are also unique. His ambition is not to document or describe, he wants to artfully represent nature with his images. Abstract and minimalist shots are often the result.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Michael Martin

    This could be the shortest text of a photographer's description here on 10Photos. The photos of Michael Martin speak for themselves - ready! - But Michael puts a huge spoke in our wheel. It's not just his incredible photos that fascinate us, it's also the photographer. Geo magazine called him the most famous globetrotter in Germany. We also think he is the most interesting globetrotter in Germany.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Jens Ober

    Jens Ober is a nature photographer from Central Hesse. Besides classical landscape photography, astrophotography is a focus of his work. Classic photos, but also abstract images can be found in his varied portfolio.

  • Landscape photography,  Architectural photography,  Misc.

    Nina Papiorek

    Nina Papiorek is a landscape and fine art photographer who has won many competitions. In addition to landscape photography, other focal points of her work are urban landscapes and urban architecture. The focus is on form and structure. Almost all of her works are therefore black and white photographs. Eliott Erwitt's motto "Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive." also applies to Nina Papiorek.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Jason Pettit

    Jason ist ein Landschaftsfotograf aus Kanada. Mit seiner Arbeit möchte er eine einfache und kraftvolle Botschaft vermitteln: In der Natur gibt es mehr als das, was man an der Oberfläche sieht. Seine Bilder sind weniger dokumentarisch, sondern eher künstlerisch, oft abstrakt und voller faszinierender Farben und Formen.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Helmut Pilò

    Helmut Pilò is a landscape and nature photographer from Cassino, a small town in central Italy. He discovered his passion for our nature and photography in 2016 during a trip to Iceland. His often abstract photos live from brilliant colors and the interplay between sharpness and blur.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Julia Redl

    Julia Redl presents an emotional and atmospheric selection of landscape photos on 10Photos. Abstract artworks and classic photography mainly of untouched nature inspire by colors as well as shapes and transport the viewer into a calm and peaceful world.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Robin Riddle

    Robin Riddle is a professional photographer who specializes in landscape and architectural photography from both ground and aerial perspectives. His photography focuses on the simplicity and beauty of nature, often with an air of mystery. He is drawn to the peace and tranquility of sunrise and sunset when the light is soft and atmospheric.

  • Misc.,  Architectural photography

    Michael Robben

    Michael Robben, an amateur photographer from Oldenburg, still looking for the subject. For him, photographing and editing is a meditative and exciting process. To reinterpret or alienate reality through photography is an almost inexhaustible pool.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Adam Schnabler

    Adam Schnabler is a biologist and ambitious nature photographer. The focus of his work is landscape photography. Since 2019 he combines this with his new passion, astrophotography.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Hans Strand

    Hans Strand ist ein schwedischer Naturfotograf aus Marmaverken. Seit 1990 arbeitet er, nach neunjähriger Karriere im Maschinenbau, als professioneller Landschaftsfotograf. Mittlerweile ist Hans einer der bekanntesten und geachtetsten Landschaftsfotografen Europas, vielleicht sogar weltweit. Er fotografiert im Mittelformat mit Hasselblad Kameras.