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    Scott Aspinall

    Scott is a passionate, self-taught, Saskatchewan-born, landscape photographer focused on nature and night photography. He spends his free time photographing scenes across Western Canada.

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    Stefano Balma

    Stefano Balma is a landscape photographer from Italy. He first started taking pictures in 2020, and a good two years later, he became a participant in 10Photos. If we weren't already impressed by his atmospheric images, we would be by now at the latest. His camera was first intended only as a slightly better travel camera but quickly developed from an initial hobby into a passion.

  • Landscape photography,  Macro photography

    Jannette van der Boon

    Jannette van der Boon is a Dutch nature photographer. Her main focus is macro and landscape photography, especially the local flora and fauna. The fantastic and atmospheric landscape shots are wonderful proof that it doesn't need a spectacular landscape to take extraordinary and creative photos.

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    Bill Ferngren

    Bill is a Swedish landscape and nature photographer. He says he likes challenges and loves to photograph things that you usually pass by unnoticed. Trees in fog, the small stream in the forest, meadows that can inspire new motifs or just a plant on a tree. Maybe not always such spectacular subjects, but Bill takes a spectacular photo of them. He sees details, finds the perfect perspective and captures the mood at the right moment.

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    Blai Figueras

    Blai Firueras is a landscape photographer on the Costa Brava and Cantabrian coast with a preference for dynamic and dramatic seascapes with a picturesque and artistic style.

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    Beate Grever

    The Cologne landscape photographer Beate Grever comes from a family of artists with Silesian roots. Growing up in Germany, a lifelong exploration took place on the basis of art and music within the tension between similar and different views and ways of life of these two cultures rich in tradition.

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    Kai Hornung

    Kai Hornung is a multi-award-winning landscape photographer from Germany. His images are published worldwide in magazines and online media. In 2020, he became the first German to win 'photographer of the year' in the prestigious International landscape photographer of the year awards.

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    Jeremy Jackson

    Prof. Dr. Jeremy Jackson has been photographing our nature in an impressive way for over 30 years. Colors and shapes are an important design element. His goal is to convey the meaning of the natural world in focused, clean, exciting and direct images. One thing in advance: this succeeds 100%.

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    Michael Jaeschke

    Gallery of nature and landscape photographer Michael Jaeschke. His passion is, among other things, as you can see in his gallery on 10Photos, the trees. In an impressive way, structures and forms of these fascinating woody plants are shown here. By the successful implementation in black and white, the effect is again strengthened. Nature photography in a refreshingly different way.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Andri Geir Jónasson

    Andri was born and raised in Iceland. As he himself writes, this growing up in the midst of nature, near the mountains and next to unique landscapes has been formative for his kind of photography. Andri's photographs are also unique. His ambition is not to document or describe, he wants to artfully represent nature with his images. Abstract and minimalist shots are often the result.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Unai Larraya

    Unai Larraya, is a photographer, videographer, guide, and trainer. He was born in 2000 in Pamplona, Navarre, where he currently lives. The multi-award-winning photographer's great passion is to photograph and capture the world's natural landscapes and wildlife.

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    Jeannine Loth

    Jeannine Loth is a versatile photographer from Brandenburg. Born in Berlin, she writes about herself: "My passion is landscape photography, especially long exposure. But I also like the versatility that photography offers. You perceive nature much more in detail."

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    Phillip Lukas

    Phillip discovered his passion for photography early on. From his quite photogenic home country of Austria, he was drawn to faraway places. There he got to know new countries and cultures and developed a special eye for beauty to capture it as perfectly as possible.

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    Michael Martin

    This could be the shortest text of a photographer's description here on 10Photos. The photos of Michael Martin speak for themselves - ready! - But Michael puts a huge spoke in our wheel. It's not just his incredible photos that fascinate us, it's also the photographer. Geo magazine called him the most famous globetrotter in Germany. We also think he is the most interesting globetrotter in Germany.

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    Stefan Melly

    Stefan Melly is a nature and landscape photographer from Switzerland. His focus is the local nature with the animals living there and the magnificent mountain landscapes of the Swiss Alps. His goal is to make these natural wonders accessible with photographs to those who themselves do not have the opportunity to visit these wonderful places in the best light.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Dieter Mendzigall

    Dieter Mendzigall was born in 1963 in Hildesheim and lives in Diekholzen, a small town in Lower Saxony. The fascination with traveling was the trigger for Dieter to deal with photography. Therefore, it is not surprising that the photographic focus is travel and landscape photography. For Dieter, being on the road and photography are inseparable - whether in a canoe, on a bicycle, or on foot.

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    Roberto Moiola

    Roberto Moiola is a freelance photographer who founded and manages with some partners the international photo agency Clickalps, a reference point in Italy for landscape photography, reportage and wildlife.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Jens Ober

    Jens Ober is a nature photographer from Central Hesse. Besides classical landscape photography, astrophotography is a focus of his work. Classic photos, but also abstract images can be found in his varied portfolio.

  • Landscape photography,  Architectural photography,  Misc.

    Nina Papiorek

    Nina Papiorek is a landscape and fine art photographer who has won many competitions. In addition to landscape photography, other focal points of her work are urban landscapes and urban architecture. The focus is on form and structure. Almost all of her works are therefore black and white photographs. Eliott Erwitt's motto "Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive." also applies to Nina Papiorek.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Jason Pettit

    Jason ist ein Landschaftsfotograf aus Kanada. Mit seiner Arbeit möchte er eine einfache und kraftvolle Botschaft vermitteln: In der Natur gibt es mehr als das, was man an der Oberfläche sieht. Seine Bilder sind weniger dokumentarisch, sondern eher künstlerisch, oft abstrakt und voller faszinierender Farben und Formen.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Helmut Pilò

    Helmut Pilò is a landscape and nature photographer from Cassino, a small town in central Italy. He discovered his passion for our nature and photography in 2016 during a trip to Iceland. His often abstract photos live from brilliant colors and the interplay between sharpness and blur.

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    Andrea Pozzi

    Internationally renowned photographer, adventurer, and storyteller Andrea Pozzi were born in 1984 in Bormio, an idyllic town in northern Lombardy (Italy).

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Anna Mari K. Priésner

    Gallery of nature and landscape photographer Anna Mari K. Priésner from Norway. The "High North" is particularly attractive for many people. Clean air, icy lakes and fjords, imposing landscapes and a unique solitude characterize this region. Anna Mari's photos show the characteristics of Norway in an impressive way.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Julia Redl

    Julia Redl presents an emotional and atmospheric selection of landscape photos on 10Photos. Abstract artworks and classic photography mainly of untouched nature inspire by colors as well as shapes and transport the viewer into a calm and peaceful world.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Robin Riddle

    Robin Riddle is a professional photographer who specializes in landscape and architectural photography from both ground and aerial perspectives. His photography focuses on the simplicity and beauty of nature, often with an air of mystery. He is drawn to the peace and tranquility of sunrise and sunset when the light is soft and atmospheric.

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    Felix Röser

    Felix Röser has been a freelance landscape photographer and location scout from Nuremberg since 2012. On his travels, he almost always forgoes the comfort of fixed accommodation and prefers to spend the night directly at the locations, either in a tent or in a car. This way, he always has the opportunity to be directly on location and to fully engage with his surroundings.

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    René Schädler

    René Schädler describes himself as a fine art outdoor photographer. In the Swiss mountains or on lonely coasts he finds the peace and solitude necessary for him and his pictures. He likes to compare landscape photography with model photography, only that the model does not move in nature.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Adam Schnabler

    Adam Schnabler is a biologist and ambitious nature photographer. The focus of his work is landscape photography. Since 2019 he combines this with his new passion, astrophotography.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Roelie Steinmann

    Nature and landscape photographer Roelie Steinmann lives in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park (Netherland). For her, it is the ideal place to photograph the magic and silence of the forests. The animals of this beautiful region, such as butterflies, frogs, squirrels, and birds, are also a favorite photo subject of Roelie.

  • Landscape photography,  Misc.

    Hans Strand

    Hans Strand ist ein schwedischer Naturfotograf aus Marmaverken. Seit 1990 arbeitet er, nach neunjähriger Karriere im Maschinenbau, als professioneller Landschaftsfotograf. Mittlerweile ist Hans einer der bekanntesten und geachtetsten Landschaftsfotografen Europas, vielleicht sogar weltweit. Er fotografiert im Mittelformat mit Hasselblad Kameras.

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    Michèle Thompson

    Michèle Thompson is a Canadian photographer. Her artist name is Magpie'n'Moo, a mixture of the two nicknames from her childhood. Her images focus on Canadian nature and photos of Canadian cities. She also loves to capture movement in cities and enjoys working with slow shutter speeds. This results in colorful and dynamic shots.

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    Anthony Turnham

    Anthony Turnham is a British-born professional photographer who now calls beautiful New Zealand home. Surrounded by wonderful scenery Anthony enjoys getting out and about in the beautiful countryside and photographing what New Zealand offers.

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    Carsten Velten

    Carsten Velten ist ein Natur- und Landschaftsfotograf aus Bonn. Er mag einen einfachen, schlichten und teilweise auch minimalistischen Bildaufbau. Das Motto: Weniger ist manchmal mehr wird in seinen Bildern perfekt umgesetzt.

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    Gabriela Vogel

    Gabriela Vogel is a travel and nature photographer, with a focus on auroras and waterfalls. The fascination of the mountains, especially the Swiss Alps, is also noticeable in the sympathetic photographer.

  • Landscape photography,  Animal and Wildlife photography

    Felix Wesch

    Nature and landscape photographs of the quiet moments of nature. Foggy moods, forests, mountains, swans, orchids, and more. Felix's images are not ordinary landscape or wildlife photographs. He photographs moods. The images usually radiate an incredible calm and fascinate the viewer with harmonious colors and textures.

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    Paul Zizka

    Paul Zizka is an award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Banff, Canada. A prolific adventurer, Paul's journey to capture the "under-documented" has taken him to all seven continents and every province and territory in Canada.